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This announcement channel doesn't belong to us! Please do not pay attention! We think that they are cooking inside to share pool links, it's scam.
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2 hours left for public sale!

Please do not pay attention to pool links which are not shared by us officially!
1 hour left for public sale!

These are the details of the process:

- 450.000 tokens will be allocated for fixed price pool which is at 2.25$.

- 550.000 tokens will be allocated for dutch auction.
- We are going to mute the chat 30 minutes before public sale.

- We are going to share the fixed pool link first, and dutch auction after 30 minutes.

- After the ICO, we are going to immediately add liquidity to Uniswap, which will be around 300.000-500.000$.

- Please do not pay attention to any pool links that we do not share with you!
Fixed pool link (appr. 40% sold):

Dutch Auction link:

Uniswap will be launched after public sale!
We have bought 70 Ethereum worth of GRPL and will continue.