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Green Charter Movement β€” See the Files tab below + expose plandemic with info
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❀️This Supreme Court Judge decimates the #Lockdown narrative: β€” confirming my own analysis that less than 10% of deaths are FROM and not WITH #coronavirus β€” attention everyone: please GIVE THIS LINK to others so they can join this Truth Freedom Health channel too: πŸ‘ˆ
Starting in 10 minutes, discussion of #Coronoia #Lockdown #Resistance #Power and more… all you need is Chrome browser, allow access to Microphone, click to join in.
Dr #shiva and guests. Topic: #lockdown Massachusetts USA
#Plandemic : no surprise billionaires got billions richer - they’ve benefited immensely from #lockdown β€” and of course with private islands, huge remote castles with helicopters, private jets, special passports from many countries, they’re not affected: