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💣💥For those of you who watched #Plandemic and have questions regarding the validity of Judy #Mikovits, here is her new book, Plague of Corruption. After being accused of just trying to make a buck, she released the book to Google Drive so that anyone can read it FOR FREE!!!
#Plandemic : no surprise billionaires got billions richer - they’ve benefited immensely from #lockdown — and of course with private islands, huge remote castles with helicopters, private jets, special passports from many countries, they’re not affected:
#Lockdown #Objectives of the #Plandemic are:

1. Bring about total government control via fear. A compliant afraid population who will do whatever they're told to do by authority.

2. Bring about the economic collapse of small to medium businesses for the benefit of the multi billionaire transnational businesses.

2a. Via 1. above, Small businesses are to shut down or follow unprofitable rules while large ones remain open.

2b. Microsoft and other players will be the go-to tools encouraged by governments and authorities not better smaller alternatives.

3. Mandated Medicine. Vaccines that will become compulsory if people wish to travel, obtain benefits, put children in school, etc.

3a. Benefit the main private funders of WHO who are heavily invested in 3. above, such as Clinton Global Initiative, Gates Foundation et al.

4. Cover up the massive crimes committed against humanity and the environment over recent decades by wall-to-wall virus media coverage.

5. Allow nature to re-assert itself to recover as much as possible from the effects of 4. above, with reduced geo engineering efforts.
6. Social engineering. Create mistrust and fear between people, break up families, prevent gatherings, trust, healthy relationships.

7. Break down immunity. By depriving social contact, sun shine, exercise, natural foods, the immune system is weakened.

7a. This again benefits big pharma and the billionaire major company and 'philanthropy' players behind the plandemic.

8. Block religion. Prevent mass religious gatherings in person to re-inforce all of the above.

9. Implement a total LockStep Rockefeller strategy scenario or one of the alternatives that best benefits the super wealthy elite, via technocracy and do away with political systems of 'democracy'.

9a. Remove the few remaining tools of resistance, enforce total compliance and surveillance in movement, restrict travel and mobility.

10. Eugenics and #technocracy are the objectives and tools of the (N)ew World Order since over 100 years and are nearing accomplishment.

If you want to know more, do your research. Some pointers: YouTube's "Amazing Polly" sign up to Bitchute and follow her there. Also Dr Shiva (inventor of email) on all popular social media platforms.

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For example, what no one will tell you, is simple old fashioned steam breathing for a few minutes every couple of days will destroy viruses and protect you and others from this and other viruses.