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Although the peoples of the Western countries are aware of the failing of their own #political systems, most feel there is little they can do to alter those systems. The idea of #revolutionary change is strange and even frightening to them. But were they to read and understand the Green Book and appreciate the meaning of the Third Universal Theory, then such drastic change would not seem so very strange after all:

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This academic institute was one of the first targets bombed by the #terrorist #NATO western alliance in 2011. 8 Africans were martyred. Western academics were called upon to condemn this bombing, they did not. Academics in the Libyan #Jamahiriya such as Dr Ahmad #Ibrahim were abducted and tortured and their fate remains unknown many of them murdered. Again Western Universities were called on to condemn these horrific #human #rights abuses against their Libyan colleagues, but did not.

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In general, we will only survive with benevolent skilled communities working together. Communities where decisions making is by consensus in local popular conferences. Specialised execution of those decisions in People’s Committees for agriculture, education, security, health etc as required. This is the Jamahiriya system we the revolutionary committees advocate and work for. Make use of the tools at for knowledge is power. Questions are welcome.
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