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The Authority of the People: Guidelines v.4 for People's Conferences and People's Committees.
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Green Charter RCM
The thinker Muammar Qathafi does not present his thought for simple amusement or pleasure. Nor is it for those who regard ideas as puzzles tor the entertainment of empty-minded people standing on the margin of life.
Qathafi’s ideas interpret life as it erupts from the heart of the tormented, the oppressed, the deprived and the grief-stricken. It flows from the ever-developing and conflicting reality in search of whatever is best and most beautiful.
Part One of The Green Book heralded the start of the era of the Jamahiriyat (state of the masses). Part Two inaugurated an
international economic revolution which does away with the old economic structures and brings them down on the heads of the exploiters.
Part Three of The Green Book launches the social revolution. It presents the genuine interpretation of history, the solution of man's struggle in life and the unsolved problem of man and woman. Equally it tackles the problem of the minorities and the
blacks in order to lay down the sound principles of social life for all mankind.
The living philosophy is inseparable from life Itself and erupts from its essence. It is the philosophy of Muammar Qathafi.




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ICYMI - 2009 warning about viruses and vaccines ("antidotes")
Those new here may like to start at look at the "introduction" and the video of principles (Liberty), the other materials are on human rights Charter that is little known these days though a million people participated in making it, unlike any other rights Charter to this day (Green Charter ...) and The Green Book which presents an analysis of the problem of power (democracy) and how to solve it.
For those new to the course please look at this lecture for good background basic principles regarding power, government, authority, responsibility: