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Who does the ‘1bln bax wallet’ belong to?

The wallet concerned (address: 0x58aa01ab4acb640cd44b46460bbe209ce732d911) belongs to the company; it was the first multi sig wallet we ever created and the company used it to collect private presale contributions (in Q4 2017 before the public presale). During the public token sale we allocated 2% of total supply (as stated in the whitepaper and on the website) for bounty campaigns, airdrops and other token remuneration uses, and transferred them to this wallet. The main uses of the BAX from this wallet have been the token sale bounty campaign, the equity sale bonuses and airdrop.

Why did we cancel the API licence?

We’re very sorry that there has been a miscommunication about the API licence. We didn’t feel there was a need to make a specific announcement that we cancelled the licence, but we removed the claim that BABB was an API from all public materials and we asked AmaZix admins to confirm (if asked) that BABB is no longer an API. Clearly wires were crossed somewhere, and we’re very sorry that some inaccurate information reached some members of the community. We never intended to hide the fact that we took the decision to cancel our API licence.

We cancelled the API licence because it would have conflicted with our banking licence application. We were also incurring legal fees to carry out the annual reporting which is required of an API, so cancelling also saved money. We anticipate going to market licenced under an agency model for a E-Money sponsorship with a partner, which means we don’t need the API license.

Who sold locked BAX last night and why?

A substantial number of BAX were sold last night after midnight UK time (19th), one day before the set date of unlocking, and we are currently investigating. We can confirm that it was a former member of the team who sold this BAX, not anyone who is currently working at the company. This may constitute a breach of contract, and we are currently seeking legal advice. The rest of the team, who are holders of BAX too, are very upset and disappointed with this development and the way it was executed.
A few days ahead of schedule, please have a read of the February progress report from the team - it contains key details of changes coming to the Telegram community.
Sorry for the late update, i am still working with Annie and our PR agency on the PR release, journalists would prefer to have exclusivity in this news.
So I cannot announcement things in detail, but the partnership with custos is real, there are many other benefits apart from cash.

In terms of change in personal in Babb, yes there are a lot of changes, unfortunately, given the legal aspect and confidentially, I cannot give you details of names, and disclosure of contracts, this is to follow the employment regulation and respect the contract that Babb signed with its employees.

What I can tell you is myself and the team , except those who left, are committed to deliver our promises to you and to every stakeholder.

I will try to say hello in this group everyday, if I’m here then Babb and my team are here too,
I love my community so much that I will do the impossible to make Babb a massive success, don’t forget our mission is to change the world for the better, we exist because we are MAD MAKING A DIFFERENCE*

Peace and love
Good afternoon Babbians! I am dropping by to share a quick announcement: We are very pleased to announce Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou as our new Chief Operations Officer. Welcome to the Babb team! 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Good morning guys, it is becoming almost a ritual here in the office to have awesome news by the end of the week - that being said, we are pleased to introduce Ian Petras our Head of Marketing:
Many are wondering what the product team have been cooking these past weeks so here we present you the first app progress update: