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SAYCO 2021 Messages by Peace House (Living Seed)

Find below the teachings from the retreat:

1. The Might of the Youth (30mb)

2. Taking your Journey into your Divine Destiny (13mb)

3. The Right Response to God's Encounter (25mb)

4. The Cost of Following Jesus (13mb)

5. What Qualifies A Man For God's Use (30mb)

6. Biblical Secrets For Continuous Consecration (23mb)

7. The Equipping to Go in This Thy Mighta (35mb)

8. Put Off Your Shoes Prayer Tips (11mb)

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Did You Miss Bro. Gbile Akanni's QUEST FOR GOD Bible Study Series?

Click here to download from Part 1 to Part 41 (the latest release)
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*Quest for God is a weekly Bible Study anchored by Bro Gbile Akanni of Peace House [Living Seed] every Saturday

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