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what is Anonyous mail and how to send

Grabify - How to Trace Victim details (Ip address) In window

How to install and configure VPN in Windows

How to install and configure VPN in kali linux

Crunch - How to create custom password list or wordlist.

Anomor - Phishing Page For all social media.

IP Hide - Anonymous browser in Window

Ngrok - Hack android / Ios / Window over internet without router

Trity - Email Bombing

Gloom Framework - Track ip Geo Location

Gloom Framework - Website admin panel finder

Venom - Hack android / IOS / window by opening link.

Netattack2 - Install and configure wifi jammer in Kali Linux

how to view world map on your terminal in kali linux 2017

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Topic: Most Advanced Level Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linux


1. Introduction
1. Introduction of Kali Linux

2. Let's start ethical hacking using kali linux
1. Installing kali linux into vm
2. Installing softwares, patches, and upgrades into kali linux
3. Configuring services in kali linux
4. Categories of kali linux tools
5. Deploy Metasploitable2
6. Default Gateway
7. Name Server
9. Configure Network Interface Card
10. FTP Server
11. SSH Server
12. The Penetration Testing Life Cycle
13. Tarballs
14. Creation Of Tarballs
15. Extracting Files From A Tarballs
16. Compressing A Tarballs
17. Reconnaissance Phase
18. Targets Own Websites
19. What is website mirroring
20. Demonstrating Website Mirroring Using HTTRACK
21. Google Hacking
22. Google Hacking Database
23. Job Sites
24. DNS Zone Transfer
25. Whois
26. dnsenum
27. fierce
28. DMitry
29. Maltego

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Topic: Complete Cyber Security Course Go from zero to hero!


1. Cyber Security Basics & Setting Up The Lab
1. Installing Virtual Box For Hacking
2. Installing Kali Linux [Hacking Operating System]
3. Basics Of Linux
4. Network Basics

2. Online Anonymity [Hide From Internet]
1. What Is A Mac Address & How To Change It For Becoming Anonymous
2. Advanced Anonymity

3. Pre Connection Attacks
1. Sniffing Packets - Sensitive Data such as Password, Username
2. Performing Targeted Sniffing
3. Disconnect Any Device From WiFi
4. Creating A Fake WiFi Access Point

4. Gaining Access To The System
1. Generating A Complex Undetectable Backdoor
2. Listening For Incoming Connecting
3. Bind Any File Type and PayloadBackdoor Together
4. Spoof Extension - Creating The Backdoor Payload Undetectable
5. Creating A Complex Undetectable Payload
6. BeefHook Introduction and Setup
7. Running Commands On Beef
8. Gaining Full Access With Our Payload And Beef
9. Injecting Our Hook Using MITMF

5. Post Exploitation
1. Post Exploitation - Part 1
2. Post Exploitation - Part 2

6. Advanced Hacking Attacks
1. DNS Spoofing [Advanced]
2. Suspicious Activity
3. Advanced Hacking Attack [Real-Word Example]

7. Website HackingPenetration Testing
1. Introduction and Basics Of Website Hacking
2. Discovering Technologies Installed On The Website - Information Gathering
3. Website Hacking - Metasploit
4. Collecting Sensitive Files such as Username, Passwords
5. Uploading Files On The Website - Website Hacking
6. Executing More Vulnerabilities

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Topic: Web Hacking Become a Professional Web Pentester


Lesson 1. Introduction
Lesson 2. Disclaimer
Lesson 3. Methodology
Lesson 4. In this section
Lesson 5. Setting up the target
Lesson 6. Setting up Kali
Lesson 7. Setting up the Burp Suite
Lesson 8. In this section
Lesson 9. How HTTP works
Lesson 10. Static HTML
Lesson 11. PHP and friends
Lesson 12. Modern MVC frameworks
Lesson 13. Javascript
Lesson 14. Manual discovery
Lesson 15. Automated discovery
Lesson 16. Session management intro
Lesson 17. Session fixation
Lesson 18. Weak logout
Lesson 19. Same origin policy
Lesson 20. CSRF
Lesson 21. Securing the session
Lesson 22. SSLTLS
Lesson 23. Authentication bypass
Lesson 24. Unauthenticated URL access
Lesson 25. Password quality
Lesson 26. Password brute force
Lesson 27. Default accounts
Lesson 28. Weak password recovery
Lesson 29. Mitigations
Lesson 30. Authorization Intro
Lesson 31. Manipulating variables
Lesson 32. Client side authentication
Lesson 33. Mitigations
Lesson 34. Reflected XSS
Lesson 35. Stored XSS
Lesson 36. HTTP header injection
Lesson 37. Malicious URL redirection
Lesson 38. Exploiting wrong content-type
Lesson 39. Mitigations
Lesson 40. Malicious file upload
Lesson 41. LFI and RFI
Lesson 42. OS command injection
Lesson 43. SQL injection
Lesson 44. UNION Select Attack
Lesson 45. Blind SQL injection
Lesson 46. Automating SQLi testing
Lesson 47. Mitigations
Lesson 48. Reporting
Lesson 49. Checklist
Lesson 50. What's next

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Topic: Build A Successful Blog In 2019 Make Money


1. Introduction
1. Course Intro - START HERE
2. How To Use This Course

2. Before You Begin
1. The Mindset Of A Successful Blogger
2. Choosing A Topic And Planning A Content Strategy
3. Naming And Branding Your Blog

3. Technology
1. Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Blog
2. Domain Names And Web Hosting
3. How To Install WordPress In Under 5 Minutes
4. Exploring The WordPress Dashboard
5. WordPress Settings
6. WordPress Themes
7. WordPress Plugins
8. WordPress Security And Backups
9. Analytics And Data

4. Content
1. Content Intro
2. How To Write Amazing Blog Posts
3. Where To Find Content Ideas And Inspiration
4. 20 Types Of Content You Can Create For Your Blog
5. Content Frequency How Often Should You Post
6. Alternative Content Formats
7. How To Generate An Endless Stream Of Fresh Content

5. Promotion
1. Promotion Intro
2. Basic WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
4. Social Media For Bloggers
5. 12 Content Promotion Strategies You Can Use To Grow Your Audience

6. Email List
1. Why You Need An Email List
2. Which Email Marketing Service Should You Use
3. How To Get People To Opt Into Your List
4. 15 Effective Strategies You Can Use To Grow Your Email List
5. What Should You Send To Your Email Subscribers

7. Revenue
1. Revenue Intro
2. 5 Revenue Models You Can Use To Build A Business Around Your Blog

8. Wrapping Up
1. The Next Steps

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Topic: Easy Adsense Method Using Whatsapp Free Traffic 2019


1. Introduction
1. How This Method Works

2. 2 -Buy Domain & Hosting
1. 1. Buy Domain Name
2. 2. Buy Web Hosting

3. 3- Uploading Website
1. Upload Website Files To Your Server
2. Access Your cPanel

4. 4- Content
1. Use These Website To Get Content For Your Website
2. Editing Website Content and Website Interface

5. 5-Google Adsense
1. Add Google Adsense Ads and Google Analytics To Your Site

6. 6-SSL Certificate
1. Activate SSL For Free

7. 7-Website Promotion
1. How To Get FREE Traffic From Whatsapp

8. 8-End
1. End

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Topic: Bug Bounty: Android Hacking


Active Analysis
Passive Analysis 1
Passive Analysis 2

Pentesting White and Black box

Miscellaneous Reports
Android Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability report
Authentication Failed Mobile Version Report
Bypass Pin
Coinbase Android Application - Bitcoin Wallet Leaks OAuth Response Code report
Content Provider Information Leakage report
Email Leak in Transactions in Android App Report
Manifest allows for ADB backup attack when USB debugging is enabled report
Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities in Odnoklassniki Android Application Report
Shopify Android Client all API Request's Response Leakage Report

Android Appilication Teardown
Android Startup Process
Android Traffic Interception
Application Signing
Digging Deeper
Finding Vulnerabilities with Fuzz Testing
Lesser known Android Attacks
Top 10 Security issues

Application Security
Genymotion Proxy
Genymotion Setup
Installing Terminal
Setting up ADB

Account Hijacking Possible through ADB backup Feature Report
Attacking the Radio Interface Layer
Client-side Attack Surface 2
Client-side Attack Surface
Cross-Application Scripting in Android
Debugging and Analyzing Vulnerabilities
Expoit Mitigations
Fetching Data
File Permission
File System Partition
HTML or XSS rendered in Android App
Information Leakage via Logcat Report
Insecure Data Storage
Local Attack Surfaces
Physical Attack Surfaces
Possible to Steal any Protected files on Android Report
Vulnerable to JavaScript Injection Report
Webview Vulnerablity Report

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List of 20 New Course..
I hope you will enjoy Course..

Udemy - REAL World Website Hacking and Penetration (101% Practical)

Cloud Ethical Hacking Use Kali Linux on Amazon AWS

Udemy - Learn Network Hacking From Scratch (WiFi & Wired)

Udemy - A Hacker's Guide to Internet Safety and Cybersecurity

Complete Ethical hacking Courses

Cyber Security and Information Security Fundamentals

16 Beginner Programming Projects Java, Python, JavaScript, C#

Udemy - Angular & NodeJS - The MEAN Stack Guide

Start Using Wireshark to Hack like a Pro

Complete Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Hands On

Udemy - Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development

Udemy - Advanced Python for IoT & IoT Based Data Analysis

Kali Linux Tips, Tricks and Techniques

How to build a wordpress plugin

Complete SQL Bootcamp with MySQL, PHP & Python

Building Ethical Hacking Python Tools From Scratch

CEH v10 Certified Ethical Hacker Lab Tools

Udemy - How Hackers Create Undetectable Malware and Viruses

Udemy - The Complete 2019 Web Development Bootcamp

Ethical Hacking Extreme The Career Accelerator Program

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