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The fan token market is still looking for a consolidation range. The whole market is currently sitting at 106 million USD (ATH was at 221M USD). We had two stable days on the 8th and 9th, but currently, it is getting dragged down with BTC.
The bear market has been great to buy some larger and mid-caps at low prices - BUT - there are definitely more ideas launched and more new projects entering crypto during this bull market.

I remember looking for new and promising cryptos in 2019 and there just were not many if any at all. And looking in hindsight back at 2018, it is not guaranteed that the projects you invested in, are now booming. Many projects are just completely dead.

On another note, I like that many new coins launched now have a utility. Back in 2017, a lot of projects promised utility for their token, but as soon as they came close to selling something (if at all), they accepted BTC instead 😄

Even though utility tokens have been around since 2016, it was barely possible to use tokens for something back in 2017 and 2018. This is something that started in 2019 and really accelerated in 2020 and 2021.

The first really successful utility tokens to me were all the centralized exchange tokens, that gave you trading and withdrawal discounts or premium features if you held the token. BNB has probably started this movement and is still the most successful exchange token today.

By running Fantokenstats, I am obviously a fan of CHZ and I think it is a token with great utility as well, since you can only participate in FTOs, LTOs with CHZ. Also trading on Chiliz Exchange is only possible with CHZ.

When talking about utility, you can also not forget BAT and the Brave browser. With 20 million active monthly users, it is probably the most successful mainstream crypto product yet.

Talking about some smaller caps, I really like what is happening in the DEX monitoring space in terms of token utility. With DEXT, UWL or CHART there are multiple projects, that only give you access to premium features on their platform if you hold their token.

This was just a short glimpse on how the utility token space has grown tremendously over the past few years. Which utility tokens are you using frequently? Post it in the comments on my Twitter thread!
With the Altcoin market increasing over 45% in the past two weeks, I updated my article on crypto seasons! If you want to read more about the alternating pattern of Bitcoin and Altcoin seasons, find the article here:
Locker One is now on Fantokenstats! The site already contains some general information about the LTO, such as the price, sales cap per user, issuing address or the LTO hardcap. After the LTO will start tomorrow, you can also track the progress!
1/7 I am happy to announce that a massive UI update has been published on Fantokenstats! The team pages have received a complete redesign and it should look much better than before! Check the changes in this thread or on the website directly:
2/7 Generally, everything has become lighter, but more informative. The pages are starting with an infographic, that displays the four most important statistics - market capitalization, circulating supply, current price and today's price change.
3/7 The price chart has stayed mostly the same but the price development fields below are now colored in either red or green, depending on whether the fan token is up or down in the corresponding timespan. This should further visualize price performance.
4/7 The order book data has been visualized as well, to make it more comprehensible. The sum of bids (-5%) can now be found on the left side, while the sum of asks (+5%) is displayed on the right side. The graphic in the middle is static but helps to visualize the data.
5/7 I added an infographic about FTO data as well, since a lot of FTO data has already been added to Fantokenstats and the graphic outlines the most important data. You can immediately see the FTO price, duration or the amount raised.
6/7 It was also important to me, to further visualize the supply statistics. Another new infographic displays the four components of the circulating supply (FTO, hunt, staking, others) and also shows total supply and distribution rate.
7/7 To sum it up, I think the redesign of the team pages makes them much better in terms of appearance and the infographics should also help to gather all the important data very quickly. Let me know what you think about the redesign on my Twitter or here on Telegram!
3.3 million fan tokens have been distributed on-chain in January according to my research. Among them 900k YBO, 625k NAVI, 440k LOCK-1, 350k TRA, 200k IBFK, 200k ALL, 145k JUV, 134k PSG, 100k NOV, 100k STV and 100k ACM.

Data can be found here:
Fantokenstats has received a new design! The front page includes market cap, price, buy side liquidity, percentage of tokens in circulation and today's price change. Columns can also be sorted.