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Hello all and welcome to those who have recently subscribed 👋

Here is a re-cap of Fincross in the media last week in case you missed it:

📈Forbes Article: “Bitcoin, Ripple and Litecoin Sell off: Is it different this time around?” Our Deputy CEO, Henry, said he wasn’t surprised by the sell-off👉find out what else he had to say about the crash:

🇫🇷 Reuters Article: “France hopes to lure crypto-issuers with Gallic stamp of approval.” France is one of the the first G8 nations to explore ICO regulation with the view to introduce guidance and a tax reform. We believe there is a demand for regulation 👉 find out what else we think on the subject:

🇭🇰 FinanceAsia Article: “Hong Kong regs signal new crypto battle with Singapore.” Henry talked about the importance of regulatory frameworks to encourage the development of the crypto-economy. Read about how Hong Kong’s regulatory framework will benefit Fincross and enable us to expand faster internationally. 👉,hong-kong-regs-signal-new-crypto-battle-with-singapore.aspx

🌍Global Investor Group: “Crypto investment bank plans global rollout.” Henry spoke about our plans to set up branches worldwide and opening up an R&D office in Paris. Find out more about what is coming up in 2019! 👉

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Hi guys! ☺️ In this week’s vlog you can follow Henry and Eddy as they fly to Mauritius and hear what Ari and Essi have been discussing regarding our AI-powered trading tools for the cryptocurrency market. Having received an in-principle approval for our investment banking license this month from the FSC in Mauritius, we must carry out a mandatory checklist of tasks to activate the license which includes finding an office and appointing officers and directors in Mauritius. Find out how we got on 👉

If you missed our other vlogs documenting our pre-launch U.S. roadshow, our launch in Las Vegas and what’s been happening post launch you’ll be able to find all the videos here👉

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Hi everyone! Just to let you know we won’t be releasing a vlog this week. Unfortunately when we’re dealing with the legalities, fund raising and other day to day activities to make Fincross a pioneering next generation investment bank, not everything we do is exciting enough to be vlog worthy! But be sure we are working hard behind the scenes and preparing for an exciting week next week when we head over to Hong Kong 🇭🇰
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Hear from our Co-Founders, Henry and Essi and our CEO, Eddy, as they speak about our vision to be an investment hub for digital assets. They discuss our products and services such as our 27/4 multi-signature crypto custody solution, our own actively managed crypto fund, AI trading tools and robo advisors and many more! Watch the full video to learn what else we will be launching as of 2019👉
Hi everyone! Happy New Year from all of us at Fincross🥳 We hope you all had a great festive season and managed to recharge your batteries! ⁣

We’re straight back into the swing of things with a number of interviews lined up this week with Bloomberg, Thompson Reuter’s, Markets Media. ⁣

This year is a big year for us, but we’re ready! ⁣

If you have any questions about our services, or would like to chat about what we’re doing, head over to our Telegram group to ask!
Hello everyone👋
With the buzz of security tokens due to be a significant part of the market in 2019, Henry spoke to the Daily Express about how the growth of the security token market will support and drive the price of the crypto market.📈 He also discussed what he thinks the investment portfolio will look like for our future clients.

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Hi everyone👋Henry James, our Deputy CEO will be on Yahoo Finance’s ‘Midday Movers’ at 12pm (ET) today discussing his outlook for the crypto market in 2019, how he sees the regulatory picture playing out and high-level thoughts on the U.S congress Token Taxonomy Act.

Click on this link to watch the full interview in real time👉

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If you missed Henry James, our Deputy CEO speaking to Adam Shapiro about the crypto outlook for 2019, regulation and how investors have reacted to crypto price action, catch up now and watch the full interview on Yahoo Finance👉
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We are proud to announce we are going to be the title sponsor of Crypto Invest Summit and Security Token Summit in LA this April and September!

It was a blast last year and we can’t wait to be part of this year’s events.

Let us know if you’re going to be there 👉

Read the full press release here:
If you’ve been wondering why investment banking would be needed in the world of digital assets- Ami Bend David at SPiCE VC shared fascinating insight in his article for CoinDesk. As a regulated investment bank specialised in digital assets, we are very excited to start structuring STOs in the next quarter.

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The month of March marks 2 years since our co-founders, Henry James and Esfandiar Lagevardi united with a vision to bring institutional products and services to the digital asset markets and economy. We’re very excited to start structuring STOs in the next quarter!

To celebrate: here’s 30% your tickets for Security Token Summit AND Crypto Invest Summit next month in LA. Come and join us!
We are sponsoring Security Token Academy’s first meet up in London next month!

Join us for an evening of networking, insightful discussions, drinks and canapés.

WHEN: Wednesday 12th June
WHERE: 12 Hay Hill Club, Mayfair

Panelists to be announced very soon!

Entry is FREE, but seats are limited, so make sure you claim your ticket now! 👉

We hope to see you there!