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That's because i don't feel inspired to travel such a long distance without my own ride, secondly i am really tired mentally and i need some rest and finally i don't feel inspired to go as i lack inspiration or support to do so.
So that's it i think. This is the official end of season one. Following are some of the pics that i took today when i went out for a walk.
A city full of materialism that lacks spirituality, people who have forgotten their roots, and a bizarre show of void pomp and glory of a dictator who wants to be called 'daddy' by every single one of it's citizens - THIS IS DUSHANBE.
Also I went to a mosque thinking that there might be a maqam of a great Awliya, but it was just a mosque and his maqam lies 70 kms from dushanbe. This is masjid mevlana yaqub charkhi