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The BPs still debate freezing the accounts of which the private keys were stolen. The BPs all agree that the owners fall victim to a phishing website. No debate there.

ECAF did not issue an emergency freezing order. They didn’t do so because they concluded that there is no valid arbitration agreement. We should urgently fix that hole.

Yesterday the block producers believed it is possible to help the account owners notwithstanding the lack of arbitration. Today some BP’s only wants to continue with the fix following an arbitration order. We refer to our earlier post regarding this issue.

We at EOS Amsterdam believe the top 21 block producers can help the victims. This can be based on “negotiorum gestio”.

Negotiorum gestio means that you are allowed to pull out someone else’s fire and get your costs, if any, rewarded and further that you are not liable for meddling in the other person’s affairs. I believe (at first sight) we could base a BP action on that principle. It is an ancient Roman principle that survived the millenia.

In this concrete case negotiorum gestio would be an elegant way out of the problems the alleged lack of agreement and lack of arbitration causes.

Further, a sidestep, not doing anything and let the phishing site cash in on their scam in full sight while totally being able to prevent that easily, might lead to liability also. In my jurisdiction that is.
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As dinsdag avond
We're deeply saddened by the recent loss of David Margulies, Doghouse, EOS activist who sacrificed a lot for the community. We'd like to thank you for your dedication and for all your contributions.

Some community members created an EOS account to collect donations for his kids. If you'd like to contribute, you can send some EOS to davidinpeace

"I’ve said this already but - thank you so much for keeping my dad so busy and happy for the last year of his life. I’ve never seen him so full of passion and color - and so proud of what he does. I’m glad you all got to see him and get to know him for who he really is. Please feel free to reach out if you have any messages or stories for myself or my brother. ❤️" - Betty Margulies

"Betty your daddy was the most honest and straighforward person i knew, we never felt boring with him. He sacrificed last year of his life to EOS community, he did a lot for common success." - Dmitri

"Betty, so sorry to hear that news about Mr Margulies. He is such a humourous,wild knowledge,wisdom and kindness person. Although I only participated this group and talked with him several times, I can feel his passion to our comuunity and encougragement to all of us. Now the heaven will be more joyous because of him. Please accept my condolences!" - Achilles

"My sincerest condolences Betty. David was one of the most active, most contributing, and also one of the loudest voices within the EOS community. His passion for EOS was unmatched and he will be missed a lot. " - Yannick

"Dear Betty, I am so sorry to hear about David. He seemed so much alive and kicking and full of wild plans. I will miss him terribly. His honesty, humour and altruism. His fight for a fairly governed EOS. I just cannot believe he will not be attending our calls anymore. We were supposed to meet in Shanghai in a few weeks and I was looking forward to meet him there. We will remember him. All the best." - Jetse
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Forwarded from Chris | Effect.AI
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