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Forwarded from MJTruth (MJTruth (CandlesInTheNight))
Look here, not there…

Just read something from @RedPillPharmacist who makes an excellent point on the Pelosi footage released.

I’ll take it a few steps further because I think he’s right.

Project Veritas just busted a Pfizer story wide open where they admitted to gain of function; to be release a virus they created on the public, to then sell the cure for their mutated virus.

Then all of the sudden, they decided to release the Pelosi footage?

How did that happen?

Well, The coalition who filed the motion to obtain the footage included The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Press Democrat, CNN, Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC, and KQED, an NPR-member radio station in San Francisco.

Now all major legacy media will have this footage on repeat 24/7, filtering out the Project Veritas Pfizer story.

Is it a coincidence Rumble uploads are completely down? White hat attempt to slow the Pelosi story?

Is it a coincidence now there was a major “mass shooting” at a synagogue in Jerusalem?

I don’t know…

What I do know is this….

The Pfizer story is the real crime. It’s what should stay in the headlines.
NUREMBERG 2.0 needs to happen.

Don’t let the Paul Pelosi story (or anything else) distract you longer than needed..

Forwarded from Red.Pill.Pharmacist
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Anyone else starting to get the whole “look here, not there” feeling?

As this feels staged AF - was it created to later be used as an Ace in the hole for a much needed distraction?

What damning information came out this week that EVERY news station should be covering? BUT ISN’T.

Oh yeah — A DIRECTOR of PFIZER was caught on CAMERA ADMITTING to plans of conducting GAIN OF FUNCTION research on the COVID virus. You know, the kind of research that could manufacture further illness to then reap financial reward later? The kind of research to create a global bioweapon?

Whether we’re watching theatrics or not, I’m more interested in kickstarting Nuremberg 2.0. I want justice. Fauci and every single DS puppet needs to answer for the crimes against humanity they’ve committed.

Anyone else with me?

Forwarded from Liz Crokin Channel (Liz Crokin)
A federal jury has found Joseph Hornof guilty of distribution and possession of child porn. The detective’s case file said Hornof mentioned he had sexual contact with young girls and he would refer to them as “pizza”. He would refer to their age by describing how aged the “cheese” was. The DOJ’s press release fails to mention the child sex predator used “pizza” as a pedophile code word. I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that release came from a Biden-appointed US Attorney’s office.👇🏻

Forwarded from anon_fa_mous
YouTube said they got rid of the Project Veritas Pfizer video because it was misinformation and contradicted Covid-19 experts.....

....but the person that said it was an expert that works directly inside Pfizer.

....so YouTube / Google are contradicting themselves.

....so Google is ghey

Many of my followers know that prior to launching this technology-focused Telegram channel, I posted tweets on Twitter from 2018 - 2020 about corruption deep inside the United States Democrat party, to which I was a donor earlier in my career. Years ago when I was involved with the Democrats, I had no idea what they were doing. When the “NXIVM” cult case broke in 2018, all the clues came together and I could see how deeply corrupted the party and its representatives are. This was a period of massive shock for me.

Upon discovering serious corruption among my former group of Democrat friends, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I wrote everything I knew about it on Twitter. These tweets were read by many. They were further researched and re-tweeted by independent journalists who took interest at the time, who I got to know such as Tracy @TracyBeanzOfficial, Corey @Coreys_Digs, Frank @quitefranklytv, Scott Pressler @ScottPresler, Robby Starbuck @RobbyStarbuck, Ann Vandersteel @AnnVandersteelTruth Paul Serran @PaulSerranchannel and Zak @OfficialRedPillNews. These were some of the Patriots who helped bring awareness to my story.

Yet despite receiving many millions of views on my Twitter posts back then nothing compared to the concern I received from one very deeply patriotic American.

Everything changed one afternoon when I received a call from Washington, D.C., from inside the Trump White House. It was then I met a sharp, concerned researcher who invested many hours of his valuable time getting to know the intricate details of my lawsuits against my former Democrat colleagues. That concerned young Patriot was @GarrettZ Garrett Ziegler.

Garrett, I take this opportunity to again publicly thank you for all you have done, your consistent friendship and to wish you and your family the best in the years ahead.

~ Jeffrey Peterson, Jan. 28th, 2023.
Damar Hamlin suffered a potentially LIFE ENDING heart attack on live tv as a 24 year old professional athlete who's regularly tested for NFL standards.

Yet somehow, everyone in the MSM is forgetting that part of the story and feel there's no need for investigation...

Am I missing something???
REMINDER: Kari Lake said there would *likely* be something big to come out today. If I remember right her trial is tomorrow or Tuesday.

Hang tight I gotta look into the details. I posted all of this off memory.
Forwarded from Kari Lake
PSA: Many of you have reached out about tomorrow’s rally, worried it might be too cold… we’re inside!

It’s way too chilly for us Desert Rats! Join us tomorrow at 6:00pm! BIG stuff — get ready! 🇺🇸

It’s not too late to register: https://events.karilake.com/events/save-arizona-rally-featuring-kari-lake
Forwarded from Kari Lake
I talked to President Trump twice today.

He is fired up and ready to Save America.

Are you ready to help?
Looks like Kari has a rally tonight at 6 where she will be announcing whatever it is.

Note: Temper your expectations (as always).

The fact she's in the middle of an appeals process but has to bring this announcement to the court of public opinion (and needs a rally to do so) is telling.
Forwarded from Red.Pill.Pharmacist
You read that right. 1,850 boxes of documents that Biden ‘donated’ to the University of Delaware.


Jill Biden sitting with Roger Goodell at today’s Eagles-Niners game.

Tells you everything you need to know about the NFL.
Forwarded from KanekoaTheGreat
There was a 99.95% survival rate for people under 50 and a 99.998% survival rate for children under 18.

The mRNA shots didn't stop infections or transmission.

So why was there a maniacal push to inject experimental mRNA gene therapies with ZERO long-term safety studies into everyone under 50


Forwarded from Chief Nerd
Media is too big
MIT Professor Calls for an Immediate Stop to the COVID mRNA Vaccination Program

“This is clearly the most failing medical product in the history of medical products both in terms of efficacy and safety”



Forwarded from Disclose.tv
UPDATE - Chinese spy balloon over Montana, U.S. via KSVI-TV/ABC

Trump v. DeSantis is a do-over of Trump v. Cruz from 2015-16.

Ugly, and then eventually over.


Focus on the work.
Forwarded from ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter 🐸 (Pepe Lives Matter)
You're telling me they just randomly realized there was a Chinese spy balloon over Montana long after it was sitting there with the kind of technology we have?

Funny how the narrative continues to push us towards some kind of world conflict...this seems staged to me?