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Happening this Friday… PRAY!!!


I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts…

Some people in our movement seem to think we let them cheat 2020 and 2022 and saved the receipts so we could red pill America and avoid a civil war.

The same people believe it will not happen in 2024 and the white hats will enforce the election this time.

What do you guys think?

β€œFor everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.” - John 3:20
Also, keep praying for Hunter Biden that he be saved and empowered but the Holy Spirit to come clean and expose it all.

Idk why but I’m being called to keep posting this and sharing this.
And keep praying that God works a miracle to save our elections and save our country.
Forwarded from Fasterpill
It must be won spiritually
Thanks for the reminder Chuck!!! Luke 18:1-8
Forwarded from The Lone Raccoon (Lone Raccoon)
OK, it's been a long run, but the full Fingerprints of Fraud - The Movie has been placed on https://FingerprintsOfFraudTheMovie.com. Warts and all. It's not perfect as far as consistent technical quality, I will admit, but I try not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

This documentary is to be watched and shared for free. You will note that the Rumble links are monetized, but that is the only way I can get view counts. Whatever small amount is earned from Rumble will be donated, and I will be as transparent about that as I am able.

Anyone who wants to exhibit the movie is free to do so as long as it is displayed free of charge or if $2.00 per attendee of the event is donated to a local "no kill" animal shelter. There is more info on the site about that.

All of you who I have talked with and worked with since summer of 2021... this is for you. Use it well. Use it wisely.

A small run of DVDs, which include not only this movie but all the song parodies, commercials, and election night reporting videos I have produced as well ("special features", if you will), are in production. I'll let you know soon how you can request one or request that one be sent to someone who desperately needs to see it.

The finish line is just ahead. You can make it.
Forwarded from The Lone Raccoon (Lone Raccoon)
You will not see my documentary heavily promoted by many of our top "Election Integrity" influencers as there is no money to be made by it. I can't offer them royalties or commissions or exclusive deals because ultimately that money would come out of your and my pockets. And believe me, you've had more than enough hands there already.

So the success - and by success I mean it getting to the eyes that need to see it - is on you. Yes you, reading this now. AKA "We the People".

Thank you.

Forwarded from The Lone Raccoon (Lone Raccoon)
I want to give you all something to think about.

If the powers allied against us were confident in their ability to cheat Trump like they did in 2020, would they be expending so many resources and taking so many risks to knock him out of the race?

I smell fear.
TRULY is a must watch!!!

Elon and many others have the messages.

You guys, reform of America is absolutely inevitable and I believe it will happen sooner than we think . PRAY IT’S PEACEFUL!!!

And pray for a miracle that we avoid WW3 at all costs.

When you consider the following scenarios, it almost becomes self evident that WW3 will be used to try to fix our broken nation.

At this rate, I believe that will fail and then the government will use wartime powers to turn on the public, sending patriots to war and gulags at disparaging rates as part of an overall power play to usher in the woke NWO stuff.


(Type this into your favorite AI generator Don’t take my word for it… let AI tell you.)

What’s going to happen next when you consider the following scenarios?

- Massive government surveillance particularly on the patriotic nationalists of a country who love their country and stand for independence and freedom who have no intention of doing any harm in any way

- Forced medical compliance in regards to vaccinations and public health initiatives. The patriotic nationalists in particular resist the forced medical compliance claiming medical freedom as a human right citing the Nuremberg code and basic human ethics; in stark contrasts to the official government policy.

- Massive divisions amongst the people of the nation. Divisions based on political party, social class, race, religion, health, and particularly, the role that government should play in one’s life

- Wars in foreign countries that the said country gets involved with and polarizes their country during the midst of the problems its already facing

- A collapsing currency system that’s plagued with inflation, rising costs of living, and a devolving job market

- Fraudulent elections where it’s not the votes that count but rather, who counts the votes

- Massive, wide scale government corruption where the politicians of the country have sold out their people in the name of profits

- Nationwide protests where sometimes protesters clash with counter-protesters

- Rumors of aliens or extraterrestrial type entities being pushed in news headlines more than ever

- A demoralized police force where they feel underpaid, undervalued, and far under represented by leadership in local and national government

- Global unrest and conflicts resulting in protests between the people and their governments over equality and representation in their home countries

- Political persecution of the current corrupt government against their leading political rival

- A divided news and media system which is actually just a cover for the government to run propaganda on its citizens while creating the illusion of β€œdiffering opinions and truth.” In reality, its sole purpose is to cater to their corporate sponsors who are in lockstep with the government to drive profits and push propaganda.

- Massive illegal migration into said country to the tune of millions of people every single year; many of whom are fighting aged males coming from hostile countries. Additionally, drug traffickers and human traffickers are taking advantage of a broken and open border

- An educational system that’s designed to teach children what to think, not how to think

- Massive social media censorship where the patriotic group is not allowed to post online, but those who parrot the official government narrative are allowed to post whatever they want

- An absolute entanglement between corporate entities and nearly all facets of government

- A breakdown of the family unit where there are historically high numbers of divorce, fatherless children, and poverty within the family unit

- A justice system that is unequally skewed to provide justice for the rich and harsh penalties for the poor

- The youth of the country are jaded, depressed, and hopelessness among the youth has reached an all time high

- The general population feels more isolated, alone, and misunderstood to the point where it reaches all time high levels

- Plummeting fertility and birth rates where, for the first time in this nations history, this generation of youth will have less kids than the previous generation

- The government allows for all sorts of known poisons and cancerous ingredients to be put into our foods in the name of profits over health. In many cases, government even promotes these foods as β€œhealthy”; even in the midst of an obesity pandemic that was likely caused by these said ingredients

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Here’s the AI response to the issues above.

Pray for America and pray for peace.