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A payment and finance management decentralized cryptocurrency which integrates blockchain technology with the traditional e-commerce industry
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Happy New Year everyone, we are glad to have your support in 2018, and we crave your indulgence towards our success in 2019. Thank you for being part of this awesome community. We wish you all a prosperous 2019 ahead. We are working assiduously to the success of Ecometh project, we are trying to stablize markets for EMET, we will update our new roadmap as much as possible and give you updates about our project development. Kindly vote for us on Topbtc, we are No 6 on the list. Let's maintain the first position

All selfdrop via smart contract is now ended, don't send ETH to our smart contract, if you send, you will lose your ETH, kindly buy on these exchanges

New exchanges coming this month

Thank you once more for your continued support, cooperation and patience. If you also wish to make contributions to listing, kindly get in touch with @ecometh_ceo
Forwarded from Ecometh CEO
For those that still wish to participate in this selfdrop, you have the opportunity from now on, we will stop this selfdrop early May as we will be listing on a particular exchange.

If you also wish to be a major stakeholder in Ecomethproject with your financial support, kindly send me pm

Send Eth to our Smart contract address


0.01 ETH = 50,000 EMET
0.05 ETH = 250,000 EMET
0.1 ETH = 500,000 EMET
1 ETH = 5,000,000 EMET
5 ETH = 25,000,000 EMET

Greater than 5ETH should message me, for bonuses and discounts
Forwarded from Ecometh CEO
Just as we promised, we have stopped all selfdrop, please do not send ETH to our smart contract again, otherwise, you will lose your ETH, EMET market is on Etherflyer, Tokenjar and Tokenmom, you can trade there. New exchange listing, kindly wait for announcement shortly

If you also wish to be a major stakeholder in Ecomethproject with your financial support, input, or otherwise, kindly send me pm @ecometh_ceo