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Horns up, Warriors\m/
Desert band official channel.
War Metal band from Israel.
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Welcome to DESERT channel! \m/ \m/ \m/
We are DESERT, the established Israeli heavy metal band, and we're crowdfunding our third album and offering some tasty perks with it, and revealing the special guest musicians on our new album along with a sneak peak at some new material! Enter the campaign

Thru the years of existence, the band has released two albums and toured 20 countries, making a lot of friends in the process, be it fellow musicians (just look at the rock star testimonies on the campaign launch video!), or die hard fans.
Known for their openness and friend-driven approach, they decided to step up the crowd funding game, offering the contributors more than the usual "CD and a T-shirt" option (although you can still get those).
Desert lift the curtain a lot more this time and put on the table some pretty unique things in exchange for some financial participation on your side.
The band offers the funders to experience some pretty rock-n-roll things, but without the years of practicing in tiny basements or dealing any of the nonsense – straight to the nice stuff. The options are plenty, they did some thinking here, for sure.
Find out about the rock stars collaborating with Desert this time on the campaign's Indiegogo page, and get a sneak peak at some new material while at it.
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Video and edit - Demitry Morich
Location - A.G. Studio
updated group photo
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Tomorrow - big ass anouncement! Stay tuned🤘