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The world has gone crazy lately. Now everyone needs a backup to their backup to their backup. Whatev. So here we are. Welcome to Dented Helm Gaming on Telegram. We'll be posting sales news, new items announcements and blog links. Maybe a few contests.
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🎉Painted towers from Fates' End have been marked down to $60. Need to make room for the remainder of new towers being released this spring. Keep your eye out for Necromancer and Goblin towers soon.
At the beginning of the year, we left our other ecomm host provider. We just weren't happy with the results. We've gone totally with Pattern for our branded site, and it uses Etsy checkout, so you know your purchases are secure. You can still find us at and not worry about having to remember the Etsy link. Shop on! :)
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💥💥Time to get hyped! Fates End is coming with all new dice towers, jails and vaults. Day gon' be HOT, mahn!🔥🔥🔥
Mimic dice tower on the printer as we speak. :)