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#crypto #blockchain become a game-changer for the #film industry?
Hollywood entering the Cryptocurrency phase
Blockchain technologies, funding for artists, independent filmmakers, concert and video game creators.
Crypto Film Fund is a blockchain-powered investment platform that enables both established investors and the general public to participate in the funding of cutting edge projects in the entertainment industry. Investments will be tokenized, and profit distribution will be conducted automatically via smart contracts based on a token stake. CFF will be operated by seasoned veterans in the entertainment and finance sectors who know how to pick portfolio companies with great earning potentials. Investors will have the flexibility to invest in the entire platform, or get more involved and invest only in certain portfolio companies, or even invest at the individual project level. Every transaction made via the CFF platform can be tracked on the Blockchain, this transparency gives investors the ability to see where their money is at all times. 
We are looking at the following solutions:
a.       Can create smart contracts for agreements between this Industry.
b.      The payment system can be built upon Blockchain.
c.       Writers/Singers can keep their scripts on BCT for security
d.      Copyrights can be Maintained.
This platform is under development and subject to compliance with securities laws.
For inquiries please email to

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