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Join us in 30 minutes for the Coin Livestream AMA with Damon Nam
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CoinDeFi Just tweeted ********************************************** Hi Coinvestors! Friendly reminder to join us at the Livestream AMA with our founders, Wednesday October 27th at 2pm:
Service Announcement: Coin Wallet Transactions and Data Integrity Issues

These issues originate with a third party service provider. This is due to a bad actor piggy-backing onto our endpoint with this provider and utilizing all of the transaction quota in the provider’s highest available plan. The provider’s development team attempted to resolve this via the third party company, however we will now create, test and deploy our own work around which should be available in the next few days.

In the mean time all actions and transactions in the wallet, including values for pricing, rewards accruing, balances, etc., will be impacted daily once the limit is hit. We would ask that you realize this is not a problem or issue with the Coin Wallet and therefore do not attempt to troubleshoot via uninstalling/reinstalling etc. As always, Coin Wallet is non-custodial and your funds are always safe on the blockchain. We will keep you updated on the progress of this fix.
Hello Coinvestors!!

We will be holding a Telegram AMA this Thursday, November 18th at 2pm EST. Join us here:

If you’d like to submit a question for this AMA in advance, you can do so at
Hello Coinvestors:

Version 2.0.74, of the V2 wallet with atomic swaps has been submitted to google store. Get the extension here:

Release notes here:

The build includes the fix for the 3rd party issues we have been experiencing.
Hello Coinvestors!!

Regarding the Telegram AMA this week which was previously scheduled for today at at 2pm EST, please note due to scheduling conflicts this AMA will now occur tomorrow at the same time.

Please Join us here: Friday, November 19th at 2pm EST.

If you’d like to submit a question for this AMA in advance, you can do so at
Hello Coinvestors!!

Reminder to join us in just over 1 hour for the Telegram AMA with our Founders @Blevels and @damonnam today at 2pm EST

Please Join us here: Friday, November 19th at 2pm EST.
Hello Coinvestors!!

Reminder to join us in 30 minutes for the Telegram AMA with our Founders @Blevels and @damonnam today at 2pm EST

Please Join us here: Friday, November 19th at 2pm EST.
FYI team, because the crypto and equity markets are quickly deterioating because of the new threat of the Covid variant, the liquidity has unlocked, AND because we have low trading volume… we are going to withdraw a percentage of the liquidity of the pool on Uniswap to:
1. Bring liquidity inside of the Coin network (Bitcoin, ETH, and DAI pools)
2. Use for operations and marketing
3. Convert savings into a stablecoin to protect funds in the correction

We will continue to take a poll per our discussion earlier today to determine value and make adjustments to the pool on Uniswap at a future date.
From all of us at Coin, here’s to a joyful holiday seaon and a prosperous new year. 🥂
Here's a friendly reminder to join us on our Livestream AMA with our Founders, today in approximately 99 minutes here:
In the next 24 hours, we will be withdrawing liquidity in Uniswap and recreating the new liquidity pool with the same liquidity, but new ratio. (A new liquidity pool is required as others have added liquidity to the current pool and the ratio cannot be rebalanced). We will publish the link to this liquidity pool on our website at and post another update once the process is completed.
We’d like to introduce to you Coin Wallet V3 and Coin Swap V1!

Coin Wallet, a browser extension with a non-custodial wallet and cross-chain decentralized exchange, has been integrated with our AI assistant and can quickly provide insights and help you perform transactions quicker!

Coin Swap is a P2P cross-chain decentralized exchange that is compatible with popular Web3 cryptocurrency wallets and any Internet web browser. It utilizes the same atomic swap technology in the Coin Wallet and enables users to connect their favorite web3 cryptocurrency wallet to swap tokens.

Read more about both releases here:
As previously committed, we have also created a new liquidity pool to rebalance the liquidity to previous ratio levels on Uniswap. The new liquidity pool is now live on the latest version of Uniswap V3 (instead of the previous version of Uniswap V2).

You can find details of the pool on Dextools:

And trade $COIN here on Uniswap:
We are proud to announce that our digital marketing strategy with ad network Coinzilla is now live!
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We are HYPED to announce our latest drop — NTR1-Meta — NFT sneakers you can wear in the metaverse or burn your NFT to redeem an identical physical pair to wear in real-life! 🔥

NTR1-Meta is a Swappable & Another-1 partnership, in collaboration with 27 of the most popular projects in web3, many of which launched on the TrustSwap Launchpad.

NTR1-Meta will be the world’s first 3-in-1 phygital (physical x digital) handmade, Italian high-end sneakers. Dropping February 17th.

Find out more:

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