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Please join us for a live AMA with our founder, Damon Nam and the Satoshi Club on the 22nd of December at 4PM UTC:
There’s a $600 reward pool for the top questions and correct answers for a quiz about Coin.
For full details, here is the link to an update of the planned events of December 21, 2020:

In summary, we will be postponing our release to MainNet until Monday, December 28th. We attempted to resolve some unexpected issues to maintain our commitment of today. Unfortunately, we believe that releasing the platform as-is without the necessary testing and auditing compromises the experience and safety that Coin aspires to provide to its users.
Have you seen our juicy staking program? Your rewards are directly tied to the revenue and activity on the network. We even have a bonus for locking your tokens and if the platform exceeds its weekly volume goal. $COIN
Wishing you all a safe and happy holidays across the world from our team at Coin. 🎄☃️🎁🎉
We wanted to provide an update on a number of things.

While migrating our environments over to MainNet last night, we experienced the following error from our cloud provider. As a result, it is blocking today’s expected release. We believe that this is a mistake and broad error / classification and are working to appeal. In the meantime, we are deploying a backup to another provider as a contingency. Given the environments are different, this would also require testing before deployment.

Our staking contracts have been audited and successfully passed with positive results. All reported concerns required minor remediation for non-security related issues. Those have been addressed and the report will be available on both the auditor ( and our website soon.

We have also completed a burn of 7,142,857 tokens. This can be validated by the following transaction ID:

Today, we will complete the bonus airdrop for all previous $COIN security holders. This will conclude all planned distributions. Upon completion, we will provide an official update and confirmation again.

Upon resolution of the account and server issues with the cloud provider, the platform will be live on MainNet and include send, receiving, exchanging, upgrading, and staking. We apologize for the delay and will keep everyone updated as there are new developments. We’ll be back in touch again later today.
Update Regarding the Launch to MainNet:

As we explained earlier, we have put in an appeal to Google regarding the restriction they have placed on our use of their cloud services. Simultaneously, while we await active response/resolution from Google, we have deployed to another popular cloud services provider. We are carrying out our due diligence and testing efforts with the new provider to allow us to release the safest version of our platform and network.

We apologize for the delay and are working steadily to make this happen for everyone with the utmost security, speed, and best experience possible. We will provide another update tomorrow and keep you all informed as new developments occur.
Hello Coinvestors;

We are still working in parallel to come up with the safest and most expedient solution to the issues presented on initial launch the night before last. We have appealed the decision with Google and are going through that process with them while simultaneously deploying to an alternate cloud provider in parallel. This comes with its own set of challenges.

Our goal remains to deploy with the safest most secure and highly functioning platform we can provide to you, given these constraints. We know how very frustrating this is for all of you. Trust us, we are equally disappointed.

We are giving consideration to deploying a feature at a time, with security focused limitations in place for your protection all while following both paths to a viable fully launched platform. Our team is tirelessly working around the clock and will provide another update tomorrow.

We wish there were a better answer to the current issues, apologize for the delays, and appreciate your continued patience and support.
As much as it pains us to do so, we must report that we are still working to release to MainNet. The good news is that we have been able to alleviate the concerns of our original cloud provider. However, with some changes that now require additional testing to ensure the security of the network itself.

With this said, we feel comfortable being able to commit to releasing soon. We will provide another update tomorrow with an updated timeline based upon the results of tests we will complete overnight and tomorrow.
We wanted to reach out and thank you all for your continuous strong support throughout this year. It has meant the world to all of us. As 2020 winds to a close, we are reminded of all of the major milestones we have hit together and we are very thankful we’ve had you all with us on this journey.

Our wish, for you and those you love and care about, is that 2021 will be a year of abundance for you all. Abundance in health, happiness, and in wealth. Stay safe and be well.

From all of us at Coin,

Happy New Year!
As you all know, we have had to make some changes to the platform to acquiesce with the Google Cloud Server criteria which will allow us to deploy to this provider.

We are proposing that prior to deploying to MainNet, we would like the community’s help by having you participate in testing the platform.

We are ready to launch, however; we would also like to give the team an opportunity to rest and spend some time with family since we’ve been working non-stop through the holidays.

Especially in the event that there are bugs or problems that require immediate attention.

We will provide a release date as soon as we have a time frame that we feel confident in as well as based upon external user testing.
We are sending out this announcement to advise you of some updates regarding the marketing and deployment of the Coin Exchange.

With some engineering changes (which we announced earlier) we have mitigated the concerns of our cloud provider, Google, in order to proceed with our deployment on MainNet. Due to these changes, we will be executing a slower release cycle to ensure the platform and network are operating as expected. With new engineering comes a need for new testing. This allows us to release while still maintaining a comfortable level of safety and security for our users and overall network.

We will be deploying these features to MainNet in stages, on separate dates, in order to monitor system security and performance to better optimize your safety and experience. This further allows us to limit confusion for our users and maintain focus on each function moving forward.

* Upgrade functionality for $COIN
* Sending and Receiving $ETH and $COIN
* Cross-Chain exchange functionality with $BTC
* Staking functionality for $COIN

As previously announced, prior to deploying these features to MainNet, we would like the community to participate in testing the features. We ask for the community to do this testing due to the fact that, if we launch and there are issues, we can more quickly and efficiently work to resolve them.

Additionally, we are executing in this way so that users are clear about the functions at every stage and won’t be required to absorb too much information of an educational nature at one time. The goal is to release the functions separately rather than all at once.

To encourage use but also safeguard our community, we will introduce the platform with zero fees during this initial phase.

In light of recent developments around publicity (Coin Artist), industry news (Cover), and the above, we will not be announcing this deployment plan with a great deal of fanfare. Full blown marketing will commence following the platform operating as intended and meeting the expectations of our users.

This revised schedule would be inclusive of any necessary bug fixes and adjustments per user feedback. (Please note that this V1 release is a simple version of the base platform that focuses on core utility such as upgrading, sending, receiving, exchanging, and staking. V2 will be polished with UI enhancements, AI integration, browser extension support, etc.)

We are completing the final stages of the inhouse testing and will begin execution of this schedule starting tomorrow with the deployment of the Upgrade function.

We will provide additional updates during the week including sharing the results of our third party audits and more. Thank you for your patience and continued support!
Hello Coinvestors!

We are releasing the utility token upgrade functionality for previous $COIN security tokens inside of our DEX on MainNet. You can also safely store, send, and receive both ETH and COIN. In order to upgrade, you will need:

1. ETH
2. Old $COIN security tokens

We’ve created the following documents to help guide you:

Accessing or Creating a Wallet on Coin Exchange

Upgrade Instructions

Accessing Funds from Wallets Created on the Coinvest Trade Platform

For any support issues, please email

We will provide additional updates during the week including the results of our third-party audits and more. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

Please join us on Friday, January 8th at 11am CST for another Founder AMA in our Telegram Channel
In the spirit of transparency, here is the token and smart contract audits performed by Brahma Systems. Brahma has also performed audits for other popular DeFi companies such as DxDy, Set protocol, and more. View the results here:

$COIN Token Audit:
$COIN Smart Contract Audit:
Hello Coinvestors:

Join us Thursday, January 14th at 1 pm EST for an AMA with Founder Damon Nam in our Telegram channel: