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Everyone’s telling us that they’ve been missing a few favourites that aren’t available on the lockdown menu.

So we thought we could start making them as specials. A different one each week.

Next week we’ll be doing a burger. These are the two choices. Visit our Instagram or FB, or send a Telegram message to +91 9632041340 and vote for your favourite 1 or 2. The one that gets the most votes will be the chef’s special for Fri 14th & Sat 15th August. 😊
The votes are in. And when we tallied the count from across all our social media channels and messages, the Red Mockmeat Burger was a clear winner as this week’s chef’s special! 😃

It’ll be available on Friday, 14th August & Saturday, 15th August. Made on advance order only!

Start placing your orders right away with +91 9632041340 (WhatsApp/Telegram/Call).
It’s that time of the year again. The festival season has begun! 😃 We’re really looking forward to making and eating all kinds of yummy festival sweets and snacks.

This weekend we have Gowri Habba and Ganesha Chaturthi coming up. As we do every year, we’re making traditional yummies for the festival.

You can order a combo set from us.

6 pieces of Kandu UnDe (steamed lentil dumplings in peanut curds)

6 pieces of Kai KaDubu (steamed coconut and jaggery stuffed rice dumplings).

Additional pieces of either can also be added to your order.

They’ll be available on Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd August. But we’ll be making them ON ADVANCE ORDER ONLY. So start ordering them right away! 😊

WhatsApp or Telegram +91 9632041340.

They’re all gluten free, oil free and onion-garlic free.
Time to vote again for the chef’s special for next weekend! 😊

This time we offer two scrumptious pizzas!

1 – has an Indian style topping of Tofu Tikka Masala
2 – has flavourful Mockmeat, Mushrooms and Veggies

🧀 Both will be loaded with our house special Cashew Cheese. 🧀

Vote now (send message on Telegram or WhatsApp to +91 9632041340)! We’ll tally the votes on Monday. The pizza with the most votes will be our chef’s special for Fri 28th & Sat 29th Aug.

P.S: It’s possible to make the Tofu Tikka Pizza in a gluten free version upon request. But not the other one.
We have a clear winner across the board! 😃 Tofu Tikka Masala Pizza it is.

A super flavourful Indian style pizza with a scrumptious marinated tofu gravy and oodles of cashew cheese topping. (Just typing this out is making our mouths water! 🤤)

We’ll be making this Chef’s Special on advance order. Place your orders starting now and get the pizza on Friday 28th or Saturday 29th August.

WhatsApp or Telegram +91 9632041340.
Ever since the lockdown began, we’ve been hearing you say you miss our popular Tiramisu and Black Forest Pastry slices.

Since we can make them only in larger quantities we haven’t been able to offer them on our regular takeaway menu.

So this weekend we thought we’d let you vote for one. Whichever has more votes, we’ll take advance orders and make them this Friday and Saturday.

So make your choice. 😊
1. Tiramisu
2. Black Forest Slices

Tomorrow the votes will be tallied across all platforms and the special will be announced. 😊

WhatsApp/Telegram +91 9632041340
And we have a clear winner across all platforms for this weekend’s special! 😃 Black Forest Slices. 🤤🤤🤤

Whole wheat chocolate cake, layered with cherries, vegan whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings.

These will be available on Fri, 4th and Sat, 5th September, ON ADVANCE ORDER ONLY (minimum 1 day’s advance).

So place your orders right away: +91 9632041340 (WhatsApp or Telegram).

If we have enough requests (totalling to the number of slices in a 1kg cake), we can do a gluten free version too.
Scrumptiously Healthy No-Bake Desserts – Online Master Class with Chef Susmitha and Chef Ram.⠀

You asked and we listened! 😊

We’re back with an online desserts master class and this time they’re all super healthy desserts.⠀

In this class, @veganosaurus and @veganchefram will teach you how to make...⠀

🥕 Carrot Cake⠀
🥄 Basundi⠀
🥧 Cinnamon Orange Ginger Tarts⠀
🧆 Energy Bombs⠀
🍫 Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache⠀

In addition to being vegan vegan (of course), they’re sugar free, oil free, gluten free... actually grain free entirely! All made of perfectly clean ingredients.⠀

🌟 The best part is, you don’t need an oven to make these, they’re all raw and prepared without the need for cooking or baking. 🌟

Believe us when we say, you want to learn to make these desserts and enjoy them guilt-free regularly. 🤤👌🏽

The class will be taking place online and all your questions will be answered. After the session, the recipes will be emailed to you.⠀

Date: Saturday, 19th September 2020⠀⠀
Time: 4 pm to 6 pm⠀⠀
Fees: ₹1800⠀

There’s place for only 7 participants. So book your spot soon.⠀

Send a WhatsApp or Telegram message to +91 9632041340 for the online payment link.
We’re open on Sundays again now. 😊
With the festival season around the corner, we’ve started planning our Indian Sweets Gift Boxes. 😊

This time instead of the colourful tins, we’re sourcing some elegant containers made of sugarcane bagasse.

There will be two sizes available. The small box will have one of each sweet and the big box will have two of each sweet.

Cashew Barfi
Almond Barfi
Boondi Laddoo
Besan Rava Laddoo
Hard Mysore Pak
Soft Mysore Pak

Everything will be made in-house and sweetened with organic sugar.

Connect with us on WhatsApp or Telegram on +91 9632041340 for more details and to place orders.