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Forwarded from Mostafa Kouchi (Mostafa Kouchi)
🔰 آموزش تحلیل موج شماری به سبک نئوویو (NeoWave)

سلام وقت بخیر 🌹

در یک سال اخیر پیشنهاداتی در خصوص برگزاری دوره آموزش تحلیل به روش موج شماری مطرح بود اما با مسائل و مشغله کاری که داشتم امکان برگزاری نبود

اما بنا به درخواست دوستان 🌹 تصمیم گرفتم به امید خدا اولین دوره آموزش امواج الیوت به سبک گلن نیلی (نئوویو) ؛ از ماه آینده با تعداد نفرات معدود در شهر #تهران برگزار کنم

دوستان علاقه مند جهت کسب اطلاعات بیشتر و ثبت نام اولیه با آیدی زیر در ارتباط باشن


موفق باشید 🌹🌹
#btcusd 1W

Let's look at the chart from this view:
Bitcoin trend line in logarithmic chart shows us that the bear market is over. this is a FOMO, but Bitcoin for continues its uptrend and also achieve to higher prices, needs to test its previous support. this retrace has repeated many times in different markets and it is normal.
so according to the previous analysis of BTCUSD , still can keep fiat with SL13000$
in my idea, Bitcoin can begin its main uptrend to achieve the marked goals, since around 2020.

possible target for retrace : around 8500 $

i'll update it soon

for more analysis like this join us
best trade 📈
#btcusd update
new update:
when everyone was buying, we analyzed and warned the correction of bitcoin!
this may take a while, but probably will done
best trade 📈
you can buy one step of xvg/btc in 74 sat
buy other step in 74 sat and waiting .
iota will achieve to the top targets
buy in deep
neo was first time analyzed at $ 10 and peaked $ 20 at the "e" wavelength. so, i believe now needs to correction into the specific area that marked on the chart to complete the "f" wave.
then it can go to the moon!
channel's new update:
from now, you can comment your opinion on each post that will publish

آپدیت جدید کانال:
از حالا، شما می توانید نظر خود را در زیر هر پستی که منتشر میشود بیان کنید.
it is the last correction of ada and then, i expect to start with a pump!
big move is coming...
best trade 📈 #btcusd update it happened sooner, than i expected. sell on rally BTCUSD
Due to the prolongation of the "e" wave, this analysis failed!
probably the resistance of $12600 will fail
a new update will be publish soon...
due to last BTC analysis, downtrend just happened as i expected. now BTC is in very important situation.
now the "c" wave completed, so i expect to reach at least $ 10,400. but consider that if $ 10,400 resistance failed, then BTC can go to the next zone target at $ 10,800-11,200 .
then again, i hope that next downward trend will begin as "e" wave

happy trading
the power of analysis is not a matter of chance