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History is nothing more than a set of lies agreed upon. 12 Chinese zodiac signs all real animals but one? Why do the dictonaries from the past tell us Dragons are In fact real? The only myth is the lies taught to us.
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When John D Rockefeller & Andrew Carnegie partnered to make poisonous petroleum based pills to make people sick and took control of mainstream $cience & the medical FIELD in 1910 to BAN the acknowledgement of Energy in the body across all institutions, we as a species were set up to fail.

Dr Royal Raymond Rife announced in the 1930s that he could destroy bacteria by blasting them with Electro-Magnetic waves oscillating at Frequencies specific to each target organism. According to his supporters, Rife cured significant numbers of people infected with a number of common but dangerous infections, including typhoid, salmonella, influenza & other infections caused by parasitic organisms.

Rife found himself under sudden & constant assault from the American Medical Association, who banned use of his beam ray to treat patients, burned down his lab & murdered his financial supporter/partner.

This is his research, being reborn today.

The Frequency graphic @ the 50 sec marker is the SAME geometry as a Magnetic Field under magnetic viewing film. I wonder why that is?! ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿฉ โ™“

To Big Pharma, your health is neither a priority, nor a right. Your health is a business, for sale to the highest bidder.

The world deserves to know God's elements of Creation Electro-Magnetically bounded in our Biology that's being UNLAWFULLY occulted / hidden.

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Welsh for poetic inspiration. A flowing essence, this spiritual illumination is known in Irish as the Imbas. Awen is the spark of life, creativity, wisdom, the living principle โ€” said to be the name by which the universe calls God inwardly. Awen is the breath of the God Dagda.

Since the Barddas in the 19th century, awen is symbolized as three rays, sometimes emanating from three small dots: truth, the balance of life, and existence. The awen is said to represent the letters OIU, from which all others are obtained. Bards and poets greatly revered this mystical divine knowledge.

Follow the Griffin not the rabbit

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Cut an apple at the EQUATOR & you'll find a near perfect sacred pentagram at the center, with each 5 points containing a seed. Earth, Fire, Water, Air -> AER / Ether, & spirit

Along with the pentagram, the apple shows the sacred geometric bloom of torodial energy dynamics of the magnetic / Electro-Static Field.
โš›๏ธ ๐Ÿงฒ ๐Ÿฉ

That geometry expresses the exact propagation of Light itself, in torodial bloom of pertabations. The Golden Ratio / Phi ฯ•, universal "LAW & ORDER"

The Pentagram is found all throughout nature. Is nature evil?
Has evil stolen sacred geometric symbols, perverted them & burried the knowledge?
Becuase the biology of nature, is thus the biology of us

We live in a Unified Energy System & as The Nikola Tesla of water - Viktor "The Water Wizard" Schauberger said, "COMPREHEND & Copy Nature"

These videos are more valuable & educational than Bill Nye's entire BULLSHIT fraudulent 'career'

Universal Geometry of the Apple

Viktor Schauberger's Comprehend & Copy Nature

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"The Hidden Magnetic Universe Begins To Come Into View"

The universe is nothing BUT Energy. Who's paying the bill to keep THOSE Lights on? ๐Ÿค”

God's creational elements in the universe are divinely simplex & repeatable from the micro to the galactic macro. The occult stole the symbols our Ancient Ancestors used to depict these elements of energy manifestation & propagation in the universe, hid the knowledge & perverted the symbols. It's time we take them back

At 3:12 in the video, pause it & study the picture. Then look at your thumb-print. Go to the nearest person & look at the crown of their head. Same, divinely structured vortex patterns

The universe is conciously alive &
The BIOLOGY of the universe, is the same biology of all living systems here on this ๐ŸŒ.
As above, so below.
As within, so without.
Nikola Tesla knew this.
Charles Proteus Steinmetz knew this.
Our Ancient Ancestors knew this.
Isn't time, we do too?

๐Ÿ”— Video

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You see how this creature joys the sensation of love given vibrations energyโ€ฆ Well, itโ€™s the same you experience this when others gives you this peaceful feeling.
When you have the consciousness capability to feel, you also have empathy not to hurt others.

So if you act the same way as how you want to be treated, the love will benefit the strength to make a new better place for everyone๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’ž
To the ancients the highest form of expression was symbolism; it was the correspondence between the thing expressed and the real thing understood.

It is the strongest language we can convey. A visible sword and dove are more expressive than their representative words.

All the words of our language are but a sign or figure of something understood, and mean nothing of themselves only what we compel them to mean by conventional use.

The Egyptian Thoth, or Hermes the wise man, was said to have invented symbols, and Thoth was the moon, the god of wisdom who invented signs and characters.

This symbolism is the associated of idea; it is finding the relationship or correspondence of one thing to another. Representing one thing always by another which has some striking analogy or likeness or a metaphysical idea expressed by a natural or visible object, by which they sought to give these recondite mysteries a natural or a conventional form. It seemed so natural to use one thing for the mirror of another. We speak of a well of life or fountain of life and call the lightning the serpent of the sky.

All language is but symbolism. All words are but symbols and have no meaning of themselves.

๐–ขป Symbolic mythology and translation of a lost and forgotten language, John Martin Woolsey, 1917.

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