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๐Ÿ”ฅ Fire Vortex

๐Ÿ Earth Vortex

๐ŸŒช Air Vortex

๐Ÿ’ง Water Vortex
"Each water droplet has a face of its own, unmistakable and unique."

Water is crystalline Aether and is the basis of all creation.

This video is stunning and a must watch for everyone!




Watch "Water has Memory - Scientific Proof from 'Oasis HD' Channel" on YouTube
Sacred Mathematics is of Divine Order and Intelligence. It is one of the ways in which God is in communication with us as Sacred Mathematics is the language of the Universe.

This video demonstrates the torus as a vortex.



The Trivium consists of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.

refers to the mechanics of language and the defining of objects and information perceived by the five senses (Input or facts, data, terms, basic skills).

Logic refers to the mechanics of thought and analysis. This includes identifying fallacious arguments and statements, removing contradictions, and producing factual knowledge that can be trusted. (Processing, or What and why?)

Rhetoric refers to the application of language in order to understand and persuade the listener and reader. (The proper use of knowledge and understanding.)

The Trivium โ€œis the knowledge (grammar) now understood (logic) being transmitted outwards as wisdom (rhetoric).โ€

The three together represent โ€œMasteryโ€ or true learning.

Cathy O'Brien is an amazing woman who has not only survived the most horrific torture but has found a way to heal!
This is an awesome interview where Cathy shares her views of where humanity is going and also offers to us how we can all heal from the trauma the demiurge cabal has put us all through.
Love is the way of the New Earth!
For anyone who knows Cathy O'Brien's story, she has not only survived the unthinkable but has been able to heal herself!
In this book, she shares with us how we can heal too and free ourselves from the mind control that has permeated this realm.
Cathy is willing to share this book for free but she honestly deserves the financial support for such a loving gift she is sharing - PTSD Time to Heal
Everyone is made in God's image and God is within you. You incarnated for a reason - to bring this Realm back to God

This Realm is meant for Love!

โœจ๏ธThe Pentagram And Pentacleโœจ๏ธ
In this video, we rediscover the true meaning of the Pentagram and Pentacle and thier Divine importance in Sacred Geomentry.

Video link here -


We are a bridge between Nature and the Divine! The Pentagram and Pentacle are truly our blueprint in God!

The Rose of Venus is also known as the Pentgram of Venus. This is the pattern Venus makes as it orbits the Earth!

Understanding the true meaning and function of the Pentagram helps us to understand the nature of our own being! The Pentagram is truly of Divine Order - that is why this has been targeted specifically and why it is so important to educate ourselves of its true meaning!