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Lasers have been used for many years to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, energise the body and reduce pain.  Laser light has been shown to remove stagnation and blockages to help speed up the body’s natural healing processes, regenerate tissue and detoxify the tissues as well as strengthen internal organs and even bone.     
Laser light comes in several different wavelengths (colours) and each colour reacts differently with the body.  Green laser light, for example, is of a higher frequency and is very quickly absorbed by the skin and blood.   

The green laser penetrates faster and deeper into the body to offer unique healing benefits such as a deep relaxing and healing effect on the entire nervous system.  This makes it ideal for treating both humans and animals. 
Laser light is unique in that all of the electro-magnetic waves oscillate together in an ordered and aligned way.

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Especially when we're so close to the finish line β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»
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Be careful with WHAT you're saying, especially when you say, "I AM _________________ .......".
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The viewer can always find more meaning than the author himself put into his work.
What painters depict as a rainbow radiance, now appears before many.
A sign is the most effective and fastest form of influence. Warning signs are usually given in altered consciousness before major changes to remind that we are not left alone with our experiences.
It doesn't even matter what timeline the Deja Vu came from, as long as it adds to the treasure trove of your awareness.

Aleksandr P.M.
Forwarded from Divine Feminine Awakening (Kat SunSmile)
Don't apologize for your fire.

You weren't born for silence and servitude.

No one gets to decide that you are too much.

No one gets to dictate your volume, your passion or your heart.

When you begin to listen to the greater calling that your soul came here to do.

No one can touch you.

And that is what we call ~ Authentic Power.

πŸ’šSmudging is a great way to clear the energy in a room, home or even barn.

#smudging #sage #clearing
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You are under no obligation to behave, think or act like an old version of you, for the sake of appeasing people’s comfortable expectations.

You only, have always the power to make a shift towards a new version of you. The way people interpret it, is not to be fought, nor is it to be used as a compass for how to be.

If it feels right, go for it. Honor yourself. ✨