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β€œThe medicine of the future will be music and sound.”

- Edgar Cayce -
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I truly believe dragons are real and still do indeed exist in parts of this realm.
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The "Kundalini" energy that flows up the spine is described in all religions.
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Off topic, but an interesting collection of words :) I felt to share.

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❄️Egyptian wall shows Plasma lamp devise being charged and illuminated by a coiled power system below.
❄️'The Snake' is "Plasma" in the wall picture bulb. This puts another layered meaning for some snake symbols.. Notice the opposite end of the Plasma lamp device the Flower type device plugged into the Plasma lamp. Also notice the size of the being holding the lamp in the stone wall VS small people holding it.. not sure if they holding it or are being powered up with the head gear they have on.. they are connected. Observable evidence with examples below of wireless Aether power illuminating bulbs and a plasma lamp. The pictures below show novice tech VS the Ancient tech.. The size of the Plasma lamp in the wall picture was very big. Illumination
Forwarded from Tartaria & History Channel (Jeanne)
Lasers have been used for many years to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, energise the body and reduce pain.  Laser light has been shown to remove stagnation and blockages to help speed up the body’s natural healing processes, regenerate tissue and detoxify the tissues as well as strengthen internal organs and even bone.     
Laser light comes in several different wavelengths (colours) and each colour reacts differently with the body.  Green laser light, for example, is of a higher frequency and is very quickly absorbed by the skin and blood.   

The green laser penetrates faster and deeper into the body to offer unique healing benefits such as a deep relaxing and healing effect on the entire nervous system.  This makes it ideal for treating both humans and animals. 
Laser light is unique in that all of the electro-magnetic waves oscillate together in an ordered and aligned way.

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