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Services & events for this upcoming weekend!

The schedule for the first two weeks of March.
(Thank you for your patience!)
Weekend Services with HAOC; plus, Akathist & talk on Friday. See posters for details. 😊
The March Schedule, plus poster for the upcoming weekend services, including Forgiveness Vespers on Sunday.
Service information for next week, the first week of Great Lent.
Service information for this week & weekend!
📢 The first Presanctified Liturgy service of Great Lent this week, along with upcoming weekend services. 📢
The April schedule of services.

For more information on services & service locations in Holy Week please see:

HAOC services from the 5-7 April.

On Friday evening the Qld Deanery Youth Committee is holding an event at St Nicholas Cathedral Hall.
HAOC services from the 12-14 April.
Events and services happening this week and the upcoming weekend!
Join us for this week's Matins and Presanctified Divine Liturgy services!
Information on upcoming services & events.

For more information see our Holy Week Resource Page: HolyAnnunciation.net/HolyWeek