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Information on upcoming weekend services & events!
* Change to Saturday night Vigil Service*

All other services remain unchanged.
Information on upcoming weekend services and events!

*Please note the time change for the service on Saturday evening*
The February schedule of services!
Details for the upcoming weekend services!

Our next fundraising dinner will be on Friday 1st March!
Upcoming Services Information!
Information on upcoming weekend services.

This Saturday will be our first Divine Liturgy at our Moreton Bay Outreach!

Sunday 25th Feb is the last chance to purchase tickets for our fundraising dinner. (No door tickets available).

To see photos of the church renovation project please see: https://shorturl.at/tuwI5
Today is the last chance to purchase tickets for our fundraising dinner on Friday!

This week upcoming is a fast free week.

This helps us remember that our journey to God is not purely about food, but also our almsgiving, increased prayer & service attendance.

Thus, eat with rejoicing, that we may enter Lent with joy in our heart, kindness on our lips, and Christlikeness in our steps.
Services & events for this upcoming weekend!

The schedule for the first two weeks of March.
(Thank you for your patience!)