Forwarded from Nicholas J. Fuentes
This is the one that got me... lol
Forwarded from Nicholas J. Fuentes
Like I said, I got a warning and then my first official strike for videos that were deleted a long time ago. Privating or deleting doesn’t help— there’s no way to cheat the system, as I’ve suspected for a long time. Looks like this is actually the end this time.
Forwarded from LAURA LOOMER
According to Nick Fuentes, his YouTube channel just received a strike. Looks like YouTube is getting ready to delete his channel.

Meanwhile, pedophiles and terrorists are free to use YouTube.

As a Zionist Jew who finds a lot of what Fuentes says about Zionism to be idiotic and misinformed, I still support his right to free speech and don’t think he should be banned.

We need to stop DELETING and BANNING non violent speech we don’t like or disagree with.

There is no such thing as hate speech and free speech means ALL NON VIOLENT SPEECH.
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#BREAKING Keean Bexte has been suspended from Twitter for reporting about the suspicious death of a pro-democracy British couple in Hong Kong.

Does this mean China now runs Twitter?

It certainly looks that way.

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Alt Skull and /pol/ Telegram channels both taken out in the same 24 hours. Must be mass reporting. Nowhere is safe.
To everyone in Virginia today, exercising their 1st amendment right to assemble:
Be vigilant, remain cautious. Have fun. Stay safe. 👌🏼

Those of us that can't be there, we stand in solidarity with you. 💯

#2A #2ndAmendment
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Michelle mentioned the fact Fox ISNT covering Loomer’s Law & her monumental speech. But the same could be said of much of Conservative Inc in Alt media. These people sell tickets to events, subscriptions to their services, & face ZERO censorship while bleating about muh free speech. Please. Love Loomer or hate her, she’s objectively one of the most censored people in America who is actually DOING SOMETHING for all of us in fighting at the legislative level. Yet crickets from her so called brothers in arms🤷‍♀️
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Media is too big
Alex Jones reacts to Owen Shroyer's arrest on Thursday and announces plans to set up an InfoWars D.C. bureau

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