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Forwarded from Michelle Malkin
Honestly, I like Telegram the best of all the accounts I maintain. Maybe it's just a taste thing. It reminds the most of what Twitter was like in its earliest days before the fun-killers took over, which was 2012 (not 2016, as many latecomers do not understand). In any case, the existence of Parler and the new exodus to it should not be an excuse to give up on pushing repeal of Section 230 protections for the Silicon Valley overlords.
Forwarded from MILO
Gab is the most conspiratorial and aggressive.
Telegram is the most intelligent, edgy and funny.
Parler is the friendliest and most easy-going.
Forwarded from OwenBenjamin🐻
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Israel cancels 'God TV's Evangelical Christian channel - The Jerusalem Post

The Council for Cable and Satellite Broadcasting threatened to suspend Shelanu TV’s license, pending a review by the council.
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'Free Speech Social Network' Parler Reportedly Bans America First Conservatives and Democrats - National File

Parler, the "free speech social network," has started banning America First conservatives and Democrats, despite their supposed anti-censorship credentials.
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Join me on BitChute!
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Forwarded from Proud Boys
Twitter just banned Stefan Molyneux because they will ban everyone in their way before the 2020 election. You can follow him on Parler.
Forwarded from John Mark says
John Mark's youtube channel, has been nuked by youtube.
Forwarded from Brittany Sellner
Twitter just banned my husband, Martin Sellner, along with over a dozen other accounts affiliated with the Generation Identity movement. Targeted purge. The censorship will only get worse as we get closer to the election.
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Breaking: YouTube Takes Down Tucker Carlson's Video Connecting Terrorist Susan Rosenberg to BLM

We reported on the connection between a terrorist pardoned by Bill Clinton his last day in office and Black Lives Matter.  Tucker Carlson then reported on this but for some reason the video of Tucker’s comments has been taken down by YouTube. We reported on June 30th that BLM is connected to a terrorist pardoned…