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Politics, in general, and geopolitics, in particular, are fascinating subjects to think about and debate. But a lot of time, it is also just majoring in the minors. Not that these subjects aren't necessarily important. It's just that European ethnoconscious activists are not even near the power positions to influence those questions. Sometimes, it's like nationalists are LARPing state leaders.

Debating those questions shouldn't be more than a side business, a hobby like many others. Instead, people who want to do good for the future of their nations (not to be conflicted with their respective states) need strategies and, most of all, execution for things we can influence.

Like personal development should be in everyone's interest, so shall small-scale community building. Moving closer together with like-minded people, trading mainly with each other, building a support system, arranging family gatherings, etc., is of uttermost importance. In this way, we can create structures and networks which can then be turned into political power, at least on a local level. If this is done on a big enough scale and done right, it can later also influence politics on a national level.
Good morning, friends. Almost home!
Forwarded from Mark Collett
When reading a headline like this it's easy to laugh or mock, but this woman was someone's little girl. At one point, she sat smiling at her parents with her whole life ahead of her.
She ended up dead at 36, by her own hand after a life of degrading herself on film in a industry designed to profit from the humiliation and degradation of white women. All the potential she had is now lost.
Sure, she made bad choices and she does bear responsibility for those choices. But at the same time, no healthy society would glorify pornography or smile upon women making the choices she did.
The same society that cheers on women when they take the same path she did, scorns marriage and motherhood.
It's funny how the 'repressive' and 'sexist' society that kept women in the home and guided them toward their natural role as a mother ultimately served women better. Strange how the housewives of the 1950s weren't all covered in self harm scars and didn't spend their days popping pills whilst contemplating suicide.
The ongoing debate surrounding the topic of providing military aid to Ukraine raises the question of a clear strategy that can ensure Ukraine's victory against Russia. I am worried about the lack of a well-defined plan that can lead to a successful outcome for Ukraine.

The current situation seems to be a never-ending cycle of conflict, which can only lead to an endless loss of lives and resources. As such, I am wondering if there is something I am missing that can provide more clarity on the situation.

To gain public support for the military aid being provided to Ukraine, Western leaders need to explain the details of a concrete plan that can guarantee Ukraine's success. This plan should also outline what a victory would mean for Ukraine and what it would entail in terms of its relationship with its neighbours and the rest of the world.

Without such a plan, it isn't easy to justify the significant investment that is being made in supporting Ukraine. Therefore, I urge Western leaders to develop a well-thought-out plan to give us more confidence in Ukraine's success in this conflict.
I played Last Epoch quite early in the beta (bought early access in May 2020), and will try to make some time to play soon again when 1.0 releases tomorrow. It namely combines three of my favourite elements in gaming:

- aRPG
- Time travelling (Chrono Trigger ❤️)
- No P2W

Insane to see how far they've come since my first try. With Diablo 4 being such a massive disappointment, I think this game can show have a hack and slash action RPG should be done.

Forwarded from Enjoy the Decline
𝐄 𝐍 𝐉 𝐎 𝐘 | 𝐓 𝐇 𝐄 | 𝐃 𝐄 𝐂 𝐋 𝐈 𝐍 𝐄
Deltog i DFS Västmanlands årsmöte i Västerås idag. Mycket trevligt och kuppfritt :)
War is a racket
Är det verkligen en "kupp" när ett demokratiskt valt parti röstar i enlighet med det partiprogram man gick till val med?
Tack till alla medlemmar som deltog på kvällens digitala medlemsmöte. Det kommer upp så att du som missade det kan höra det i efterhand på medlemsportalen imorgon!
Forwarded from Dagens Svegot
På fredag på svegot.se — En ny podcast för dig som är stödprenumerant!

🎙 Vad är Nato och vad innebär det för Sverige? [1 timme och 13 minuter]

Sverige står på tröskeln till Nato, och det är förmodligen bara en fråga om dagar innan "vi" blir medlemmar i militäralliansen. Därför dedicerar vi hela det här avsnittet för att dels ge en lektion i Natos historia, men också för att diskutera vad detta innebär för Sverige.

Om du förväntar dig svartvita åsikter är detta fel program för dig, vi tänker nämligen vrida och vända på alla stenar vi hittar för att försöka förstå vad Natos roll är idag och historiskt, och hur ett medlemskap i alliansen kan påverka svenskarna i vår vardag.

➡️ Om du är stödprenumerant så kommer podcasten ut på svegot.se tidigt på fredag morgon, och i ditt RSS-flöde. Du kan lägga till https://svegot.se/feed/dagens/ i din podcastapp och logga in med ditt användarnamn och lösenord så får du alla poddar direkt i mobilen.

🛑 Om du inte är stödprenumerant så är det dags att bli det. Då får du tillgång till den här och alla andra våra poddar, plus att du gör Svegots arbete möjligt. Lös en stödprenumeration på www.svegot.se/support i dag och bli en del av vår växande skara!
Forwarded from Dave Martel (Dave Martel)
That thing that you want to do. That fantasy in your head. That goal you've considered for a long time.

Do it. Blow up everything and charge for it. Burn the bridge behind you so you can't bitch out.

You know exactly how you want to do it. You know what you're doing. Fuck everyone who fills you with doubts and anxieties.

If you fail will it kill you? Maim you? If your answer is 'no' then there's no real danger.

Stop daydreaming, stop planning, stop analyzing. You don't need any more plans.

If you fuck it up, big deal. At least you didn't leave any cards on the table.

Regrets are heavier than mistakes.
Forwarded from Memkriget
Det är dags för en förändring, och jag börjar med mig själv.

Forwarded from Laura Towler
By now you will have heard that my husband Sam Melia was sentenced today to two years in prison for his intentions behind publishing stickers that the prosecution said were both lawful and truthful.

The sentencing guidelines gave the judge the option of choosing anywhere between 2 years and 6 years, and the minimum was given due to the lack of seriousness regarding the offence. The judge could’ve suspended the sentence (and sent Sam home) at two years, however he chose not to and said the reason why was because he wanted the sentencing to act as a deterrent to other people with the same beliefs.

Before today, Sam met with his Probation Officer who said that Sam was no risk to the public and there was no chance of reoffending, and recommended a community order. The judge chose to ignore this.

The worst case scenario is that Sam will serve 12 months in prison. Potentially, he could serve 6 - 8 months. He is considered low risk and could therefore be on day release from as early as in a few months.

If you take anything from this, let it remind you why we do what we do. We live in a country where our people are attacked by the anti-White state for advocating for their own safety and interests.

I don’t want cuddles and condolences. I don’t want thoughts and prayers. I want you to join me in filling the void that Sam leaves for the next few months. There are no excuses. Not everybody has to be on the front line. There is plenty you can do behind the scenes.

Sam should hold his head up high knowing that he put his head above the parapet when many others dare not. He didn’t back down at any point over the last three years, nor did he take any offer they offered him. He remained defiant for us, and now it’s our turn to repay his sacrifice by carrying his flame until he is back.
I am happy to announce that I will be speaking at this year's Awakening Conference in Finland on the 27th of April together with some really interesting people from all over Europe.

Tickets are available as of today so make sure to book your place asap, they will sell out fast!

See you there!
Forwarded from Jonas Nilsson
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Bara nån månad kvar innan det är val i Sydafrika, och igår kickade partiet EFF igång valrörelsen med att sjunga om att döda boern, landets vita minoritet.